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About Us

Hope In Motion International (“HIM Int’l”) was founded with the vision to offer medical and general assistance to those in need, thereby providing the more vulnerable with the opportunity to live healthy and fulfilling lives.
Our mission is to positively impact lives by channeling medical resources, and offering healthcare assistance and general relief to poverty-stricken areas of Latin America. By helping provide a medical safety net and basic medical services, we help better ensure that essential healthcare (and other fundamental care) needs are met.

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Supporting Orphanages in Mexico

Our team is especially passionate about serving children, hence our focus has been working directly with boys and girls’ orphanages in these two regions that are being managed by Dominican Nuns.  Our support for these orphanages has evolved and expanded as we learn more about their needs and where we can offer assistance. This includes not only in their essential needs, food, clothing, medical support, but also to encourage these young lives to dream about a life outside the orphanage where they not only can support themselves but thrive in whatever endeavor they choose. 


To that end, HIM has begun to sponsor young adults with aspirations of attending University as well as offering vocational classes through a partnership with Icatech (A Mexican based vocational training organization with Mexican Government subsidy providing tools for self- employment, entrepreneurship and professional development, improving their quality of life.)




Our Team

Our team is driven by the simple philosophy that when we serve young children especially, we better their circumstances allowing them to learn and grow with the potential to thrive and flourish into promising young adults.
The principles of HIM Int’l have a deep conviction of leaving the world around us, a better place than before we arrived. We believe in a society where people lift and enrich the lives of others, especially those whose paths are met with difficulties; and the acts of kindness bestowed upon them, may be exactly what is needed to renew their hope and spirit, thereby helping pave a more auspicious and reassuring future ahead. Instead of Counting our Blessings, we believe in Sharing our Blessings and paying our good fortune forward.


Kevin Baldridge,


Kevin lived in Latin America when he was young, before moving to California. Many of the images he witnessed of children his age, living in unfortunate conditions, never left his mind. He promised himself he would one day do something to make a difference. Hope In Motion International was born from that promise.

Kevin is currently President of Tricon American Homes and lives in Southern California with his wife, Lora. They have three grown children and three lovely grandchildren. 


Kathleen Gordon, MD,

Board Member

Dr. Gordon brings her wealth of knowledge and experience as an Opthamologist to the countries Hope In Motion visits providing much needed eye exams and new glasses. 


She is an active member of the ophthalmology community serving as President of the North Carolina Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons and is a fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. She joined IQVIA’s Immunology Internal Medicine Team and jointly Co-Chairs the Ophthalmology Centre of Excellence as the Medical Strategy Lead.

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Over the last 17 years, Kate has sought to merge the worlds of economic growth and human development, maximizing mutual benefits, working directly with entities from the World Bank to European Development Financing Institutions (DFIs) to start up portfolio companies and leading projects for African and Latin American companies, International Development Organizations and the American Government through USAID. She has studied and worked in North America, Latin America, Europe and Africa.
She is a mother of dogs, likes to travel and loves to create education programs that really work.

Kate Sharum Daniels,

Board Member


Alan O’Brien, 

Board Member

Alan grew up in Ireland and before moving to the US worked as a Solutions Architect for Ericsson, visiting over 40 developing and first world countries during his career. Upon Kevin explaining his Hope In Motion vision, Alan and his wife Kelly wanted to support in any way possible. Alan grew up watching his father participating weekly with the St Vincent de Paul and the Lions Club Organizations.

Alan works alongside Kevin as EVP Operations at Tricon American Homes. Alan lives in Southern California with Kelly and their two children Kian and Alison. Alan’s oldest son Darragh goes to University in Ireland.


Mayara Kraemer Losano,

Executive Director

Mayara is a Brazilian that lives in Mexico with her beautiful family of four.
She started her professional life at a very early age working for large companies and startups. 
She is very passionate about helping who are most in need, which makes a perfect fit for hope in motion.

Mayara is focused on meeting the daily demands of our organization, aiming at the best for children in orphanages.

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